Givenchy, How I Love You


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Givenchy Spring 2013 is an inspired collection, effortlessly highlighting the feminine form, without being overtly sexual. I don’t know how I missed this collection during FW but I’m so glad I’ve come across it now. Riccardo Tisci’s designs ooze lux sensuality, and remain tastefully covered. It’s a great example of how fabric and fit can completely change the way a turtleneck dress fits into your mindset, and your wardrobe. I am just dying to slip into one of these creations!


A Lash-ting Impression


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I finally had my eyelash extensions done! It’s a beauty treatment I’ve been dying to try, but I’ve always been a little hesitant about. Why would I spend hundreds of dollars on eyelash extensions that are going to fall out within 3 weeks?

Because they’re awesome?

 …That’s beside the point.

Well, there was a steal of a deal on Lifebooker, and I just couldn’t say no to that kind of kismet! So a quick 45 minute appointment later, and I’m a believer.  I feel like Brigitte Bardot when I roll out of bed. Big hair, big eyelashes, no contacts in yet…. It’s safe to say I’m Twigging out.

I highly recommend this treatment for the holidays. While you’re rushing around for last minute party favors, there’s just no time for a full face of makeup. Lashes are a great solution, because it’s fabulous to channel Sophia Loren with minimal effort. Truly a win-win.



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It was recently brought to my attention, that not every one of my girlfriends enjoys getting dressed up for Halloween. What’s this? When did we become adults who make adult plans on this festive holiday? Plans that don’t involve counting candy, separating according to brand, and then gorging on said confections. How is it possible not to find joy, nay, complete ecstasy in the act of putting on your best impression of Karl Lagerfeld?

*roommate shudders violently at the mere thought of polyester and synthetic hair…

Point taken. But that doesn’t mean I can’t add a little joie de vivre to my October 31st outfit of choice! I’ve decided that with all the gorgeous fur, leather, and spike heels I’ve been ogling in shop windows for weeks, what better inspiration than that of a werewolf? (I’m looking at you Taylor Lautner) And then I stumbled upon this little gem of an outfit by O’2ND! Never mind the fact that I cannot afford it, it’s gorgeous and I’m just itching to find a look in my closet that mimics the inspiration. Hopefully the Los Angeles weather decides to cool down a little, because this outfit combined with mother nature’s most recent hot flash just is not going to mix.

Casual & Comfortable


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I’ve recently had a lot of time on my hands. And beyond vacationing, starting Breaking Bad and becoming a brunette out of sheer boredom, I have found a whole new appreciation for casual and comfortable clothing.

There’s something wonderful about wearing something light and relaxed while still looking presentable. Throwing on a loose knit, leggings and Fry boots, or dark wash jeans and a silk button up with booties, tends to be my go to for the Fall and Winter (when it’s not unbearably hot in LA like it is right now). However there’s always a maxi dress with a leather jacket, or baggy jeans and  cashmere sweater. I do have a few simple rules for how to keep this easy.

Be it blazer, army, or trench, your jacket can be slouchy without looking unkempt

1. A blazer or a great jacket makes any outfit rock chic, not slovenly.

2. If one item is baggy, the other item should be tight. So if you’re wearing an over sized sweater, don’t wear last season’s harem pants. Trust me, it barely works on size 00 models.

Mom approved on the left, date approved on the right

3. Know your audience. Casual can work for most occasions, but if you’re meeting your boyfriend’s parents, leave the ripped t-shirt at home and opt for a loose silk top with your jeans instead.

I love a stack of simple gold bracelets, and an investment bag is always a good idea

4. Accessories- if you’re going to spend money on something, make it gorgeous, classic accessories. New trends come and go, but a good bag never ages.

See I’ve realized that I can be comfy without looking like a slob. There’s nothing worse than looking like you’ve tried too hard, or not tried at all. The fine line between the two is something that has come to me through trial, error, and a good hat for lazy hair days. However I’ve found that a few great accessories can take your outfit from too laid back to just right, and I wanted to share some outfits I’ve found that I think truly perfect the technique of taking it easy.

Slip into Fall


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Hadleigh’s I would kill for

Smoking slippers are the perfect combination of classic work wear and comfort. So it’s easy to see how any woman would want to rock a pair.  They’re fun, they’re sassy, they’re just a little bit rebellious. They send the message, “I may be at work but I would rather be sitting at home with a latte scrolling through Milan FW pictures in my pjs,” – and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Without allowing your outfit to become totally inappropriate within the corporate world, you can incorporate this fall trend into your every day looks. There’s a variety of takes on this new slipper. Everything from heals, to tweed, to velvet abound, and it’s all a matter of choosing the right look for the occasion.

So here are a few of the slippers that I wish I could afford. It’s velvet, it’s designer, it’s oh so beautiful. Sigh.

Velvet paradise from Rachel Roy and Giuseppe Zanotti

What Would Michelle Obama Do?


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Michelle wearing Jason Wu- photo credit Time

I’ve been arguing debating with my boyfriend recently about the Presidential Election that is shockingly only 47 days away! How did this sneak up on me so suddenly and why don’t I feel prepared to make an informed decision? I decided to educate myself on both candidates.

A hop skip and a jump later across the vast Internet and I found myself wondering, WWMOD- What Would Michelle Obama Do? How, you might ask, is this going to help Katie decide which candidate to cast her vote for? It’s not, if I’m being quite frank. But it does lead me to thinking about how Michelle has given fashion a First Lady.

As the wife of our nation’s President, Michelle manages to consistently look clean, classic, and contemporary. With an effortless sense of style she conveys power without losing her femininity. I am completely inspired by her wardrobe and as much as I like a good ripped tee under a leather jacket, I also love getting dressed up like it’s high tea.

So just in case Mrs. O happens upon this little blog, here’s my homage to campaign classic style. A little collection of what I think looks patriotic for the office and the election night party. A list of updated outfit ideas in case any of you 20-something politicos out there are getting tired of your same old skirt suit.

I’ve posted the photo credits/ links to all the pieces below the gallery!


Akris; Alberta Ferretti Strapless Beige Dress; Alberta Ferretti Long Sleeve; Alberta Ferretti Blue Suit; Antonio Berardi; Burberry Brit Coat; Dawn Levy Coat; DVF Peplum Hem Dress; Dolce and Gabbana 3/4 Sleeve Dress; Emporio Armani Beige Suit; Gucci Pantsuit; Jason Wu; J Crew Dress; Max Mara Wrap; Max Mara Blue Separates; Michael Kors Black Sheath; Michael Kors Green Dress; Michael Kors Multi Color Sheath; Oscar de la Renta; Reed Krakoff; The Row Crepe Satin Dress; The Row Cotton Dress; Stella McCartney Color Block Dress; Stella McCartney Baroque Pattern Dress; Ted Baker London Coat; Tory Burch Skirt Suit;

Winter Whites


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Petra Faux Fur coat; photo credit Rachel Zoe

Your mother and grandma may refuse to wear white after Labor Day, but how about being a little rebellious and going for it? In my mind, the right white piece can take your outfit from dollar store to designer.

There is nothing more clean or crisp than white in winter. And while I’m the biggest offender of wearing 90% black every day, I’m waving my white flag and surrendering. Your look will be unexpected and fresh while so many other fashionistas are stuck in a black, grey and beige rut. The Ralph Lauren racer back dress will make you the talk of any Christmas party, and the McQueen studded white leather tote can take you from the office to drinks with your girlfriends at Tower Bar.

I felt compelled to take my online shopping problem habit and productively narrow it down into a gallery of looks that makes me want to meet a gorgeous ski instructor hit the slopes in Aspen! From accessories to work place appropriate, I’ve covered it all. Enjoy, and tell me what you think about Winter Whites!

P.S. I’m dying for the Proenza Schouler shirt dress! Size 4, in case anyone is feeling exceptionally giving…

I’ve included links to all of the pieces below in alphabetical order:

3.1 Phillip Lim Vest; 3.1 Phillip Lim Dress; Alexander McQueen Triangle-Studded Bag; Alexander Wang Bonded Collar Shirt; Anne Klein Excelsior Faceted Y Necklace; Burberry Check Stamp Round Dial Watch; Burberry London Trench; Carven Rock Print Skirt; Derek Lam Pleated Front Long Sleeve Dress; Dezso by Sara Beltran Cornu Thin Ring; Donna Karen Cashmere Blend Bouche Sweater; Donna Karen Couture Bow Jacket; Herve Leger Wynn Dress; Kenneth Jay Lane White Spike Necklace; Lanvin Cap Toe Ballet Flats, Loro Piana Cherbourg Crinkled Crepe Stole; Oscar de la Renta Crystal Panther Earrings; Proenza Schouler Shirt Dress; Rachel Zoe Petra Faux Fur Coat; Ralph Lauren Black Label Racer Back Dress; Sonia Rykiel Pompom Beret

Is it Leather Season Yet?


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photo courtesy of Freshnet

I admit when it comes to leather, I’m a sucker.

I’ll take my leather in every way shape and form. Whether it’s roughing up a silk shift dress with a bomber, or stepping up a basic pair of Rag & Bone jeans with some laser cut booties, a great leather piece can make any outfit unbearably chic.

Call me biased, hell call me old fashioned, but there’s nothing I love better than putting on one of my old leather jackets for a night out. The lived in comfort, the softened shoulders and elbows, and the glint of rocker in your eyes that only comes with the trusty old motorcycle shell. That jacket is the staple every woman should have in her wardrobe and it’s probably the one item in my closet that I’m willing to dust off the old credit card for. I’m already drooling over this shopping compilation.

This season I’ve seen a lot of amazing new leather come down the 2013 S/S catwalks and in almost every store for fall. Harnesses were a major trend with designers like Jason Wu and Herve Leger including the 50 Shades of Grey inspired pieces in their collections.  And while I’m not quite ready to try the S&M trend, I am ready to break out my Vince Camuto’s and strut down Melrose.

Ironically enough early fall is just not the time one can don leather in Los Angeles, and it’s breaking my poor little heart. I can almost hear my cropped jacket with the gold details calling my name from inside my closet every time I walk by. So I’ll have to live vicariously through these inspirational ensembles I found across the web.

I love my leather and if that’s wrong, I don’t want to be right.

photo courtesy of Harpers Bazaar

photo courtesy of Sydney at The Daybook. Love her blog.

photo courtesy of Refinery 29

Closet Envy


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Elton John, a man after my own heart

Architectural Digest recently did a small pictorial of celebrity closets that gives a sneak peak to how the other side lives. Equally luxe and fabulous, these boudoirs to the stars are kicking my aspirations up a notch. (I love that Ralph Lauren’s looks just like an uber chic version of his store) Click here to see the rest of the pictures!

Yankee’s pitcher C.C. Sabathia

Heading Home


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County fair casual

I am frequently asked whether or not I would move back to my hometown, Tacoma, Washington. While my previous responses have always been along the lines of, “Hell no,” life has a funny little way of making me realize I should never say never.

I moved to Los Angeles in 2007 for college. As a naïve 18 year old striking out on my own I of course knew everything. Tacoma was too small, too quiet, too simple now. I had become a cosmopolitan woman in one short semester at university, and the very idea of returning was neither contemplated nor an option. Now 5 years down the road I have realized the qualities I once loathed about my hometown, are the things that tug at my nostalgic heart so fervently when I return.

It’s interesting what happens during life after college. I know my parents were right about everything they told me, that they knew better, and that I’m becoming them slowly but surely. Where I once questioned their decision to raise me in a small town, I am coming to the understanding that, dear god, did they actually know what they were doing? Instead of being determined to figure life out on my own, I’ve begun to seek out and value their advice! And if someone told me 5 years ago that I would miss my hometown, I would have given them my therapist’s phone number.

Being home this weekend, I enjoyed the simple things in life. Escaping the rat race in LA, I was able to settle my thoughts and appreciate how wonderful my life truly is. I did everything that I miss about growing up. The Puyallup Fair, apple picking, kayaking, canal sunsets, MSM sandwiches, and Sunday football. I remembered how incredible my childhood was, how much this little city is a part of me. And while I can’t imagine going back to Levi’s, fleece, and snow boots as my wardrobe staples, Tacoma doesn’t look half bad to me anymore. Los Angeles may be my city now, but Tacoma is my home.

Here are a few shots in the gallery below from my trip!