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It was recently brought to my attention, that not every one of my girlfriends enjoys getting dressed up for Halloween. What’s this? When did we become adults who make adult plans on this festive holiday? Plans that don’t involve counting candy, separating according to brand, and then gorging on said confections. How is it possible not to find joy, nay, complete ecstasy in the act of putting on your best impression of Karl Lagerfeld?

*roommate shudders violently at the mere thought of polyester and synthetic hair…

Point taken. But that doesn’t mean I can’t add a little joie de vivre to my October 31st outfit of choice! I’ve decided that with all the gorgeous fur, leather, and spike heels I’ve been ogling in shop windows for weeks, what better inspiration than that of a werewolf? (I’m looking at you Taylor Lautner) And then I stumbled upon this little gem of an outfit by O’2ND! Never mind the fact that I cannot afford it, it’s gorgeous and I’m just itching to find a look in my closet that mimics the inspiration. Hopefully the Los Angeles weather decides to cool down a little, because this outfit combined with mother nature’s most recent hot flash just is not going to mix.