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I finally had my eyelash extensions done! It’s a beauty treatment I’ve been dying to try, but I’ve always been a little hesitant about. Why would I spend hundreds of dollars on eyelash extensions that are going to fall out within 3 weeks?

Because they’re awesome?

 …That’s beside the point.

Well, there was a steal of a deal on Lifebooker, and I just couldn’t say no to that kind of kismet! So a quick 45 minute appointment later, and I’m a believer.  I feel like Brigitte Bardot when I roll out of bed. Big hair, big eyelashes, no contacts in yet…. It’s safe to say I’m Twigging out.

I highly recommend this treatment for the holidays. While you’re rushing around for last minute party favors, there’s just no time for a full face of makeup. Lashes are a great solution, because it’s fabulous to channel Sophia Loren with minimal effort. Truly a win-win.