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I’ve recently had a lot of time on my hands. And beyond vacationing, starting Breaking Bad and becoming a brunette out of sheer boredom, I have found a whole new appreciation for casual and comfortable clothing.

There’s something wonderful about wearing something light and relaxed while still looking presentable. Throwing on a loose knit, leggings and Fry boots, or dark wash jeans and a silk button up with booties, tends to be my go to for the Fall and Winter (when it’s not unbearably hot in LA like it is right now). However there’s always a maxi dress with a leather jacket, or baggy jeans and  cashmere sweater. I do have a few simple rules for how to keep this easy.

Be it blazer, army, or trench, your jacket can be slouchy without looking unkempt

1. A blazer or a great jacket makes any outfit rock chic, not slovenly.

2. If one item is baggy, the other item should be tight. So if you’re wearing an over sized sweater, don’t wear last season’s harem pants. Trust me, it barely works on size 00 models.

Mom approved on the left, date approved on the right

3. Know your audience. Casual can work for most occasions, but if you’re meeting your boyfriend’s parents, leave the ripped t-shirt at home and opt for a loose silk top with your jeans instead.

I love a stack of simple gold bracelets, and an investment bag is always a good idea

4. Accessories- if you’re going to spend money on something, make it gorgeous, classic accessories. New trends come and go, but a good bag never ages.

See I’ve realized that I can be comfy without looking like a slob. There’s nothing worse than looking like you’ve tried too hard, or not tried at all. The fine line between the two is something that has come to me through trial, error, and a good hat for lazy hair days. However I’ve found that a few great accessories can take your outfit from too laid back to just right, and I wanted to share some outfits I’ve found that I think truly perfect the technique of taking it easy.